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6 reasons that make
your heart beat faster?

Of course there are more than just 6 good reasons, but if this resonates with you, chances are we’re a match!


100% Remote High Performance

You can work from wherever you want and only have to worry about 3 things: internet, time zone and results.


High-Class Environment

With access to our Agency Elite Model Circle and our team of A-players, you’ll be in great company to grow a little out of your comfort zone every day.


Workations & Teamretreats

We meet regularly for events, workations or team retreats in Spain, Portugal, Cape Town – and sometimes in Miami if need be 😉


100K+ Trainingsmaterial

In addition to your proactive 1:1 training & development by our founders, we regularly invest in the ninja skills of our employees.


Extreme Ownership & Impact

At Bunny you work on your own projects and have a significant influence on the development of our company without micro-management.


Thank God It’s Monday Feeling

A job where you’re EXCITED for the new week to start – that’s a promise.

Employers cannot
be more different

Of course there are more than 6 good reasons, but if that resonates with you, chances are we’re a match!

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