The Bunny Agency

Case Study - M

Case Study of an medium OnlyFans Creator

Before The Bunny Agency


The Creator is very ambitious and open-minded about the strategies we constantly implement into the account and the marketing. This is why our strategies worked so well. We took over her entire profile + social media accounts and increased her fan count massively. In the account, we didn’t change too much, BUT we went away from these stupid mass messages and over-sexualized answers. Our chatters made sure to build a strong connection with her fans.

*For privacy, the image on right does not always represent this exact individual for this case study.


Result - 267% Revenue Increase

The Bunny Agency team successfully implemented their growth strategy that jumpstarted the account
to produce an additional 267% net revenue in the following WEEK.

Revenue Increased
67 %
Within One Week
$ 11063.41