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2019, a group of visionary friends identified an untapped niche in the ever-evolving digital landscape. They recognized the burgeoning potential of content creators on a platform called OnlyFans, noticing that many were teeming with talent yet lacked the expertise in marketing and branding to truly shine. Fueled by the desire to harness this potential, the friends established an innovative agency dedicated to empowering these creators. They called it “The Bunny Agency.”

Their journey began with a humble test run, applying their extensive knowledge of digital marketing to help friends in the OnlyFans community. While the initial results were promising, the friends were not satisfied with just being good—they aimed for greatness. They sought out the wisdom of the best mentors in the industry and, like sponges, absorbed every strategic nuance and secret of trade that was shared with them. Their dedication paid off, and The Bunny Agency experienced exponential growth.

A little bit more about The Bunny Agency:

The founders of The Bunny Agency, however, were not content with short-lived success. They aspired to create a sustainable model that could be replicated and scaled. Over the course of a year, they refined their strategies, tailoring them to ensure long-term prosperity and a broader impact. Their goal was ambitious yet clear: to help every woman on OnlyFans reach the zenith of success, cracking into the top 0.1% and achieving substantial monthly earnings.

True to their values, The Bunny Agency prioritized quality and cultural synergy by integrating American talent into their team, with a goal that 75% of their team would be highly qualified Americans by the end of the year. 

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They continued to honor their European heritage by maintaining a collaborative relationship with their European employees, ensuring a diverse and rich cultural exchange that benefitted all.

As the story of The Bunny Agency continues to unfold, they remain a beacon of innovation and empowerment in the digital realm, dedicated to the success of their creators and the pursuit of excellence in everything they do.

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Sophia Brecht


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Maria M.


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Best Interest Advisor

Brigitta is the gatekeeper for our agency. She makes sure that we only work with people with whom we can make successful. She acts in the best interest of the agency and our models.

Isabel a client success manager at The Bunny Agency - The best OnlyFans Agency in the world.


Client Success Manager

Isabel is one of the hardest working individuals. You want a call at 3am? No problem, Isabel is there for you and a natural talent in growing pages.

Milca a client success manager at The Bunny Agency - The best OnlyFans Agency in the world.


Client Success Manager

Milca has the ability to identify the real problems behind a Creators growth and knows exactly how to handle them.

Sai a client success manager at The Bunny Agency - The best OnlyFans Agency in the world.


Client Success Manager

Sai is a quick learner and genius. Therefore she can adapt our strategies to your personal needs, while delivering a high quality service.


Chatting Genius

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Marketing Genuis

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