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How Do I Avoid a Bad OnlyFans Agency? Experiences of OnlyFans Model

Bad OnlyFans agencies can be characterized by their use of lengthy, non-transparent contracts, false promises, and low pricing. These agencies may be more interested in exploiting models and influencers for their own gain rather than helping them succeed on the OnlyFans platform. It is important for models and influencers to be aware of these red flags and to carefully research any agency before entrusting them with their OnlyFans business.

Some models and influencers may turn to agencies for help managing their OnlyFans accounts, with the hope of earning a good return on their investment. While there are good agencies, like Fandamia, that have successfully helped models run their OnlyFans businesses and achieve their financial goals, there are also bad agencies that have caused frustration and disappointment for models.

To avoid falling victim to bad OnlyFans agencies, it is advisable to take note of the names and accusations against these agencies as a reminder of what constitutes a bad agency. By staying informed and vigilant, models and influencers can protect themselves and their businesses from exploitation.

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What Does a Bad OnlyFans Agency Do? 8 Things to beware of!

1. Does not respect your boundaries

It is important for OnlyFans creators to establish clear boundaries and guidelines for their content, in order to avoid conflicts with their subscribers and to maintain their own well-being. If an agency does not respect these boundaries and pushes you to create content that makes you uncomfortable, it is advisable to avoid working with them.

Jessica Sage, a mom and sex worker, had to terminate her contract with an unnamed agency due to their suggestion of inappropriate content for her subscribers. Similarly, Nelson had issues with her manager persuading her to create content that she did not agree to, and sharing photos with her family and selling foot fetish films to another client.

Unruly Agency has also faced allegations from models Jessica Quezada and Sarah Stage for not respecting their boundaries. Quezada claims that the agency included sexually explicit captions in her photos and sent inappropriate messages to her subscribers, while Stage states that the agency pressured her to produce explicit content despite her discomfort with the idea.

It is important to be firm in directing what content agencies can offer on your behalf and to be aware of agencies that demand more content from you than you are able to provide. In the case of Ari, she experienced frustration with NJAC due to the overwhelming requests for more content from the agency. It is important to prioritize your own well-being and to work with an agency that respects your boundaries and limits.

2. Forces you to stay in the contract


e wary of contracts that contain terms and conditions that may trap you or benefit the agency more than you. These types of contracts may include non-compete clauses or fees that make it difficult for you to leave the agency.

According to a report by Rolling Stone, Ari encountered issues with NJAC LLC when she tried to terminate her contract with the agency. The contract contained a non-compete clause that prevented her from producing content on social media after an early termination. Another model, Natasha, also had difficulty leaving NJAC LLC due to the non-compete clause in her contract.

Unruly Agency has faced similar allegations, with the agency threatening models when they attempted to terminate their contracts. In some cases, the agency has even continued to profit off of a model’s content after they ended their contract.

Another agency, Behave, has been accused of using fees as a way to trap models. One female creator reported to Buzzfeed News that Behave fined her $300,000 when she tried to leave the agency, despite previously assuring her that the contract would not be enforced. It is important to carefully review the terms and conditions of any contract before signing, and to seek legal assistance if necessary, in order to protect your own interests.

2. Demands that all earnings gets paid out over their bank

When working with an OnlyFans agency, it is important to be aware of certain red flags that may indicate that the agency is not acting in your best interest. Some of these red flags include: non-transparent contracts, unrealistic promises, low pricing, and attempts to take control of your account or earnings.

To avoid falling victim to a bad OnlyFans agency, it is crucial to do your research and carefully review any contracts before signing. You should also be wary of agencies that demand too much content or push you to create content that you are not comfortable with. Additionally, be on the lookout for agencies that lack transparency or attempt to change your banking details without your consent.

To protect yourself and your business, consider using a fee structure that works in your favor. Options include referral sign-up, fixed monthly pay, and percentage-based rate. Consider the pros and cons of each option and choose the one that aligns best with your needs and goals. Remember, it is essential to retain control over your account and earnings, and to work with an agency that is transparent and honest in their dealings with you.

3. Abuse your content

70% of OnlyFans content is considered NSFW and subscribers often enjoy content from new creators, particularly models. Unfortunately, some bad agencies have found ways to obtain free content from models, sometimes without their consent, and then sell it on OnlyFans while impersonating the models. Knowing the tactics these agencies use can help you protect your content.

Be careful not to provide free content to an agency during the recruitment process. Josie, a 23-year-old model, was invited by another female OnlyFans creator to participate in a “like-for-like” promotion on Twitter. Josie agreed, but later received a message from the woman stating that Infinite Possibilities, a modeling agency, was offering an opportunity to be featured in a 3D holographic magazine. She was directed to contact Russel Andrey, the supposed CEO of the agency. Josie reached out to Andrey via WhatsApp and he asked her to create a one-minute video of herself wearing minimal clothing. He also requested a positive review on his portfolio and suggested they have a FaceTime training session.

During the training, Josie realized that Andrey’s intentions were to collect free content when he asked her to fetch her toys and show off her talents and skills on the FaceTime call. She confronted him and refused his requests. Josie later told a friend about her experience with Andrey and learned that he was one of the agency owners who defraud OnlyFans creators.

Since this incident, Josie has heard of many new female models being invited to training sessions where they are asked to provide free content. These agencies often promise success and wealth to the unsuspecting models through proper training, but end up defrauding them.

When working with an agency, it is important to choose one that is trustworthy and reliable. Good agencies will follow through on their promises and work to help you achieve your goals. However, bad agencies may make false promises and take advantage of their clients for their own gain.

One example of a bad OnlyFans agency is NJAC LLC, which was profiled in a Rolling Stone report. According to the report, the owner of NJAC LLC, Johnson, promised to help a model named Ari grow her following and increase her OnlyFans earnings. At first, Johnson did help Ari increase her earnings, but after a while, she realized that he was not acting in her best interests. Instead of helping Ari grow her following, he marketed her content on Instagram meme pages and did not provide evidence of how he spent the remaining income when Ari questioned him about it.

Another example of a bad OnlyFans agency is Morcy, who promised a model named Lora a top 1% spot on the platform but did not deliver on this promise. Morcy approached Lora through Twitter, claiming to be a representative of Veno Management, but the contract Lora signed was with a different company, Bombshell Magazine Limited. This shows how bad agencies may not be upfront and transparent about their business practices and may try to deceive their clients.

It is important for models and influencers to be aware of these red flags and to thoroughly research any agency before signing a contract with them. This can help protect you from being exploited and ensure that you are working with a reputable and trustworthy agency.

6. Takes a huge cut off your paycheck

It is important to choose an OnlyFans agency that is fair and transparent in their business practices. You should not work with an agency that takes a larger percentage of your earnings than agreed upon, or that cannot provide a valid explanation for their actions.

One model, Natasha, signed a contract with NJAC stating that she would earn 66% of her net income, but ended up receiving only 33%. When she confronted NJAC about this issue, she received spreadsheets indicating that the agency had spent most of her income on ads, but could not provide any proof. Another model, Cora, also left NJAC due to the agency taking a cut of 60-70% from her income.

A model named Roxie Sinner experienced similar issues with an agency called Bombshell, run by a man named Morcy. Roxie initially agreed to work with Morcy for a 34% cut, but he ended up taking 50% of her earnings. Morcy even attempted to take control of Roxie’s OnlyFans account and keep all the earnings for himself, but she was able to regain control of her account with the help of OnlyFans representatives. In total, Morcy deprived Roxie of $16,000.

It is important for models and influencers to be aware of these red flags and to carefully research any agency before signing a contract with them. This can help protect you from being taken advantage of and ensure that you are working with a reputable and trustworthy agency.

7. Lacks transparency in its operations

It is important to work with an agency that is transparent in its operations and able to provide clear information about its affiliations, financial management, and contract terms. Fake agencies do exist, and it is important to research and verify an agency’s legitimacy before entering into a contract with them.

If an agency refuses to provide you with financial statements or a copy of the contract, or is not transparent about its affiliations, it is best to avoid working with them. Having access to financial statements and a copy of the contract can help protect your interests and ensure that the agency is operating honestly.

In the case of Ari and NJAC LLC, the agency was not transparent about its affiliation with Baddie and refused to provide Ari with financial statements or a copy of the contract. Morcy, the owner of a fake agency called Bombshell, also demonstrated a lack of transparency by claiming to be affiliated with Veno Management, a well-known agency, when in fact the two were not connected.

It is important to be cautious when working with agencies in the OnlyFans industry, as the boom in the sale of explicit content has led to the emergence of many companies claiming to help influencers and models, but not all of these companies may have the necessary experience and skills. Do your research and verify the legitimacy of an agency before entrusting them with your business.

8. Sells your content without consent

It’s important for models to be cautious when working with agencies on OnlyFans. It’s crucial to do thorough research on the agency and make sure that their intentions and practices align with your values and boundaries. Make sure to carefully review and understand any contracts before signing, and ensure that they protect your rights and interests. If you have any doubts or concerns, it’s best to seek legal advice or consider working with a different agency. It’s also important to be aware of any non-compete clauses or restrictions on your ability to create content after leaving the agency, as these can limit your options and opportunities.

Some other points your should be aware of when you are choosing the right onlyfans agency

Beware of the following red flags when it comes to bad OnlyFans agencies:

  1. Lengthy, non-transparent contracts: A good agency will be upfront about the terms of their service and will not try to hide anything in lengthy, confusing contracts.

  2. Bogus promises: Be wary of agencies that make unrealistic promises or guarantees. A good agency will be honest about the potential outcomes of working with them.

  3. Low pricing: While it may be tempting to go with the cheapest option, be aware that low pricing may be a sign of low quality service.

  4. Lack of transparency: A good agency will be open and transparent about their processes and the way they work.

  5. Poor communication: Good agencies will be responsive and communicative with their clients. If an agency is difficult to get in touch with or unresponsive, it may be a red flag.

  6. No track record: Research an agency’s reputation and track record before working with them. A lack of a proven track record may be a sign of a bad agency.

  7. Lack of support: A good agency will provide support and assistance to their clients. If an agency is not responsive or helpful, it may be a sign of a bad agency.

  8. Exploitation: Be aware of agencies that try to exploit models or influencers for their own gain. A good agency will have the best interests of their clients in mind.

It’s important to be cautious when choosing an agency to work with on OnlyFans, as some agencies may not have your best interests in mind. To avoid working with a bad agency, pay attention to red flags such as lack of respect for your boundaries, threats when you try to leave, selling your content without consent, and a lack of transparency in their operations. It’s helpful to do research and read reviews before committing to working with an agency. On the other hand, a good agency will prioritize your decisions and help manage your OnlyFans business in a way that benefits you. If you’re looking for a reliable agency to work with, consider reaching out to Fandafia, a company that helps female models sell their content, respond to messages, promote themselves, and grow their following. Book an appointment with them to get started.