The major benefit of Instagram is obviously a massive potential reach, especially with Instagram Reels.

However, permanent changes in the platforms algorithm, and the increasing restrictions for content that shows more nudity. Made it very difficult to build a bigger audience. In fact, Instagram has strict policies about promoting and showing explicit content. There are more and more creators who report that their account have been deleted without any warning or specific explanation, after promoting their Onlyfans profile.

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 The concrete steps to promote OnlyFans trough Instagram

If you don’t already have a base following (10K+), we don’t recommend you to make it the primary platform to promote your Onlyfans: 

  1. Growing an Instagram page usually takes a lot of time, patience and nerves
  2. You might loose everything you worked for if your page gets deleted – therefore use a backup account
  3. You can only promote your content very limited, as its not allowed to show nudity. But you can use the storys very good to create Fomo and curiosity
  4. Do not put your OnlyFans link in the bio, otherwise you get banned instantly. Use these apps for your OF link:

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