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How to setup a welcome message on OnlyFans

How to setup a welcome message on OnlyFans

Welcome message on OnlyFans 101

  1. Go to your profile icon and click Settings
  2. In the Settings menu, click on “Chats”
  3. Setup your welcome message and attach media if you want

You can use your welcome message to directly sell Content to your new fans, tell them something about your page or ask them to like your posts and offer something in reward. This way you can quickly gain profile likes. 

A little trick, but only if you want is that you could setup a welcome message with a video where you talk to your fans, which could increase there willingness so stay subscribed since they get the feeling of knowing you personally .

A good example for other welcome message on OnlyFans:

“Hey you, I would love to be in contact with you.”

“Hey, whats your name?”

“Heeeyy, thanks for subscribing 🥰 where are you from?”

“What do you like most about me? 🥺”

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